Ktees.co Initiative

Ktees.co Initiative

It is hard to be positive and upbeat all the time especially looking at the situation now. Number of cases are still high even with the lockdown. 

There are days when you just don't feel it and there are days you are ready to take over the world (but these types of days are hard to come by)

During the tough days, it is okay to just take a break and hide your phone away and take a breather. It doesn't make you a bad human. It just means that you are a human being and not a robot. Take that time to read a book, journal, eat your favourite dish, shop online or donate to a charity. 

As for me, I read a book or binge watch a tv series (currently am obsessed with The Morning Show) or I will do painting by numbers (which can be stressful because some of the slots are too damn small!). But hey, do whatever that makes you feel you and relaxed because if you are too stressed out, it is hard for you to take care of others.

It is always important to look around you and be grateful for what you are blessed with like family, food on the table, a home, friends, etc. It is hard to see it sometimes (trust me, I know!) but write it down somewhere, so when it is difficult to be grateful, look at it and smile.

Here at Ktees.co, I want to start an initiative of donating RM1 for each product sold to Happy Bank Crew. (IG: @happybankcrew) I've donated to Happy Bank Crew a few times before and I think they do great work at reaching out to those who are in need especially in the rural areas.

Let us help each other out during this crazy and trying times. #rakyatjagarakyat