How was your 2021?

How was your 2021?

Can't believe that 2021 is almost ending?!?!.. and what a way to close the year. Before I began, my thoughts and prayers goes out to those affected by the flood. I pray that God gives you the strength and keep you safe during this time.

TBH, this year was or is a challenging year for me, LOTS of down compared to ups especially the 2nd half of the year. Everyone around me is telling me to have faith, be patient and I know they mean well. But, GIRLLLLLLL. Just imagine that you are not having a good day and you are complaining to someone and they tell you to "be positive, have faith, etc"? It is the same energy as when someone tells you to calm down when you are mad or upset about something. 

To all these people, I say "stop it, read the room." Sometimes, people just want you to be mad or be sad together with them. They just want someone to listen and vent their problems. I mean, you also hate it when someone else tells you to be calm, etc right?

Anyway, as bad as 2021 was/is, it has some major moments like:

1. Started to joined bazaars again and met new people

2. Produced more locally made designs

3. Discovered how sweet my husband can be (LOL, this is truly MAJOR)

4. Having a small office corner at home

5. Meeting customers and hear them telling you that they have your tees, they love your designs and they just enjoy your tees.       

What are your small/major wins for this year?

Till next time!

P.S: Don't stop donating your time, money (if you are able) or things to those affected by the floods. If you can't donate, keep sharing in your social media so that others can also help out. 

Do stay safe and take care. Happy New Year 2022!