Black is the colour of my soul

Black is the colour of my soul

My first blog! (Ok, party is over)

In the first blog, I am gonna highlight our black tees. I'm gonna tell you which one is my favourite tee.


Black is definitely an easy colour to match. You can wear it with any colour, with or without bras (no one can see your nips) and it's a slimming colour.



So, let's start.

First, we have the Choices Tee


Now, this tee can be worn by both man and woman. The fit is loose and the quote is printed on a unisex tee, so I would definitely recommend to get it one size smaller than your usual. 

I wear an S size for this and it fits perfectly. (I am usually a size M or UK10)

Next, we have the F*ck Tee.


What's more statement than the word F*ck all over, huh? I would definitely recommend to wear this on days that you just don't feel like doing anything (which is basically on most days, right? LOL)  

This is true to size, so you don't need to get a size smaller or bigger than your usual. LOOVVEEEE.

If you are shy to wear it out but you still wanna get this tee (JUST.GET.IT), you can pair with a jacket or a cardigan or overalls. 

Then, you can do this when someone annoys the hell out of you..


Next, we have You Tee.


Wear it when you are feeling the love as well as MAJOR annoyance because this tee is sweet yet savage. 

This is true to size as well.

(This is a great gift idea for anyone that you love but also gives you a major headache)

Next, CDB Tee


Just like Comme des Garçons but bitches   

That's it.

Finally, we have the Hide Tee.


This is ideal to wear post pandemic, to explain your "anti-social"-ness. You can just use this as an excuse so that you don't have to meet people.

(I gotcha, girl!)

Can be for both man and woman, the fit is loose and I would recommend to get this in a size smaller than your usual size.

So, yeah.. that's all for today > a special highlight on our black tees. 

Now, I will tell you which is my fave one (which speaks true to my personality) : it is the F*ck Tee 

Did you guess it right?

Take care and stay safe!

P.S : Do take note that we do have limited stocks on hand, so get it now before it's too late!